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Writing Up Your Research by Michael J. Leclerc, CG - Digital Download

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Writing up our research is the best way to preserve it. We will examine different ways of writing and publishing, from blogs to books. This webinar is hosted and sponsored by the Board for Certification of Genealogists.

This was presented to a live webinar audience on January 17, 2017. 1 hour 26 minutes, plus 4 pages of handouts.

The recording is also included as part of the monthly or annual membership.

Viewers' comments:
  • A friend often states, "Genealogy without citations is just mythology."
  • Affirmed many aspects of classes I've taken.
  • All information was extremely enlightening (and/or supportive in what I already knew) - but one of the final questions about ALL CAPS last names was the most helpful to me. I've been doing this for years and now know a work-around for writing.
  • As a professional proofreader with an AA in organizational communication, the punctuation and clear writing tips constantly play in my mind while I write. Thanks especially for bringing up double periods, dashes, and apostrophe abuse! I also appreciated the different publishing formats and the suggestions for genealogy-specific writing courses.
  • Best ever for beginning!
  • Clear, concise and helpful.
  • easily understandable and helpful to all levels of researcher. I am very glad I attended.
  • Excellent and helpful!
  • excellent information, am now "on the clock"
  • Excellent information. I am "on the clock" and there are a lot of "extras" that I didn't know about but learned tonight. Michael's presentation was enjoyable.
  • Excellent presentation. Learned new writing skills.
  • Excellent presenter; concise material with clear examples. Right to the point about useful references and helpful tips. Thanks much!
  • Excellent webinar. So much useful information packed into a short time.
  • Full of solid information. Will be watching this over as reference a number of times. Need to start enforcing all the rules I am breaking in my writing - like the double space at the end of a sentence
  • Good refresher and motivator to explore other genealogical writing options!
  • Good technical information about how and why and where to get references.
  • great speaker --- wonderful information shared & just at the right level for a quick webinar!
  • Great talk! I am inspired to start my writing journey!
  • Great webinar - start small is the biggest lesson to be learned.
  • Had no idea that genealogy authors were quite so precise. New appreciation for the conscientiousness in proper citations, punctuation, etc.
  • I appreciated the specifics on the hyphen, en dash and em dash. I also appreciated his thoughts on the use of capitals for last names. Great webinar. Thanks!
  • I found Mr. Leclerc's information and presentation engaging and interesting. I appreciate him sharing his knowledge and recommendations with us. My time in this webinar was well spent. Thank you Mr. Leclerc and Mr. Geoff Rasmussen.
  • I have been writing since 8th grade, and found this not only reinforced my experience, but offered new resources and ideas. Thank you.
  • I learned even if mainly for family it is best to follow the BCG rules so future generations will trust the information in my writing.
  • I learned more than I had anticipated. Thank you so much!
  • I learned so much! Many of the tips will be utilized as I revise my portfolio for my certification before submitting. I am currently on the clock.
  • I really appreciated having access to this course. Very informative for individuals interested in seriously writing about genealogical projects. Appreciated the 5 resources necessary to have as a reference for genealogical writing.
  • I was referred to this webinar by a local genealogist. Bravo, Michael! I loved the class. I learned the most about writing through the source citation. Much of my previous work probably needs a bit of updating.
  • Invaluable!
  • Leclerc has a very pleasant voice and manner; definitely would recommend.
  • Michael had a very clear and jam packed webinar. I liked that he had so much information in his presentation.
  • Michael is one of my favorite speakers/teachers as I always learn so much from him. Thank you for this webinar it was another great learning opportunity. And as a Legacy webinar I can keep watching and reviewing, thank you!
  • Michael's ability to present in this format is outstanding. Really enjoyed. He has a superb speaking voice.
  • MIchael's presentation was crisp and easy to follow. His handout, likewise. He's a motivating speaker and I'm motivated to start the writing project I've been planning. And thanks for explaining where the n- and m-dashes can be found in Word!
  • Mr. Leclerc is an excellent presenter. He is well-organized, speaks clearly, and has an obvious command of his subject. Thoroughly enjoyable and educational. Thanks!
  • My first of many webinars! I've been 'poking around' genealogy for 45+ years, it's finally time to get serious. Thank you Mike
  • There's always so much to learn at every webinar, even when you don't expect it. So true here for this one. Presentation was very easy to listen to as well.
  • This was my first webinar with Michael, and I found his delivery, PPT and handout to be very professional, yet easy on the senses!
  • Very useful webinar, and the handout was also very well done so it's easy to read, understand. Michael is easy to listen to as well.
  • Very well done. I learned about a lot of things I didn't know. Just a budding genealogist and listening from the comfort of home made me feel included. I'll probably spend the next 2+ hours researching the books and links online.
  • VERY well organized and presented. Thank you, Michael. I am about to go on the clock, and appreciated your reminder that no submission is 100% free of errors. Took that load off. Beyond that, I want to write scholarly articles and this helped ease my terror at changing my writing style -- I was a technical/scientific writer with a somewhat casual style. I think I'll be ok if I keep paying attention. Thanks for the tips and the reassurance.
About the author:
Michael J. Leclerc, CG is an internationally renowned genealogist. He has authored numerous articles for genealogy magazines and scholarly journals, and is a popular presenter at conferences and seminars around the world. Michael worked in a variety of capacities at the New England Historic Genealogical Society for 17 years prior to joining Mocavo as Chief Genealogist in 2012. He left there in 2015 to start Genealogy Professor (, where he helps to provide genealogy education opportunities to family historians. He has edited several books, including Genealogical Writing in the 21st Century: A Guide to Register Style and More, Second Edition, with Henry Hoff, and the fifth edition of the seminal guidebook Genealogist's Handbook for New England Research. He was a contributing editor for American Ancestors magazine, and a consulting editor for The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. Michael has served on the boards of the Association of Professional Genealogists and the Federation of Genealogical Societies. You can reach him at and

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