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Wearables and Genealogy - Wacky and Wild or Worth the Wait - Digital Download

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What if you could wear a device that would tell you all about a person as you stood in front of their gravestone? What about a device that told you that a DNA match was attending the same genealogy conference? These ideas may seem too futuristic, but they are available now and waiting to be used by genealogists and family historians. As technology advances, the Internet is being made personal in the form of wearable devices. These devices can not only track how far you’ve walked, what you’ve eaten and more, they can also present information when you are in front of a gravestone or a historical site. Learn about Google Glass, Smart Watches and in-development devices that are slated to become the next new genealogy tools.

This was presented to a live webinar (online seminar) audience on October 7, 2015. 1 hour 25 minutes, plus 2 pages of supplemental syllabus materials.

Viewers' comments:
  • A lot of new information was presented in today's webinar from Thomas MacEntee. I look forward to watching again. The genealogy world is a better place thanks to Thomas.
  • Excellent new information - I'm so glad we have such a knowledgeable person available to help us look at these new wearables and technology devices, and how to use them in genealogy. Perfect.
  • Excellent webinar! Thomas' enthusiasm is so contagious!!!!!!!!!!
  • Eyeopening! Lots of good info!
  • Fantastic presentation on up-and-coming technology and its application for researchers!
  • Fun! Not a topic I know anything about. Useful
  • Great stuff! Expect nothing less from Thomas MacEntee. He never disappoints!
  • I enjoy listening to Thomas. Learning about new gadgets are interesting. Always ready to learn new things and explore new uses for them. thanks.
  • I found it very interesting the subject matter made me really think about privacy issues and what may be ahead in obtaining and gathering information. Thomas is an excellent speaker. He made complex issues very understandable.
  • I had no idea about these 'wearables' ... and much of the technology Thomas talked about -- wonderful to get the preview ... and even view of what is available and what might be available in the near future.
  • I LOVE looking into the future!!! What a fantastic webinar! Thank you Milennia and Thomas MacEntee!
  • I love Webinar Wednesdays --- and especially when Thomas is the presenter!! What a Guy!
  • I wasn't sure this webinar would be really interesting to me. But Thomas MacEntee is so enthusiastic about his subjects that he reels me in every time. I probably won't go out and buy all this high-tech stuff but it's interesting to learn about it. I liked how he showed what little privacy our ancestors and where we are headed.
  • Interesting review of the current state of wearables and speculation on how it could be used to enhance genealogy.
  • Interesting topic. Thomas is always a great speaker. One of my faves!!!
  • It was fun to see the new tech devices coming out.
  • Just love the technology and good to know about the 'not to do' as well as the 'to do'.
  • Love love loved it. Hearing of the new technology blows me away. Keeping us informed. Thanks.
  • Number 1 Presenter
  • One word for this webinar - WOW!
  • Phenomenal information on the future of genealogy technology! Thanks!!
  • Sure glad I listened to this one!
  • The future is here. Excellent, excellent webinar about what's available now and what's coming.
  • Thimas is always a great way to spend the afternoon. Thanks, Thomas and Geoff!
  • This was a nice change in that it was not as detail oriented. Good information was conveyed in a more visual and conversational style. I appreciate the variety.
  • Thomas - you look mah-vel-ous dah-ling!
  • Thomas always give us the newest tech! Wonderful.
  • Thomas MacF. did wonderful lecture today. He is a awesome!!! Good Job!!! Keep up the good work!!! *THUMB UP* :)
  • Thomas ROCKS!
  • Thomas was fantastic as always. Keeps you on your toes and always thinking about the next step
  • Very helpful information shared. Thank you for being a forward thinker, Thomas. Appreciate the reminder to be aware of User Agreement terms for apps and wearable devices.
  • Very interesting and fun. Thomas has a great imagination to think up all these ways wearbles could be used for genealogy. I hope the developers were all listening. Thank you.
  • Wow! What Thomas has shared in today's webinar is almost mind-boggling -- but so exciting. I realize that I am not making full use of the wearables I already have and that there are others I want to get soon. Great presentation--so much fun to listen to him and he is so skilled both in presenting and especially in responding to questions with spot-on examples and clear explanations.
About the author:
Thomas MacEntee is a professional genealogist specializing in the use of technology and social media to improve genealogical research and as a means of interacting with others in the family history community. Utilizing over 25 years of experience in the information technology field, Thomas writes and lectures on the many ways in which blogs, Facebook and Twitter can be leveraged to add new dimensions to the genealogy experience. As the creator of he has organized and engaged a community of over 2,000 bloggers to document their own journeys in the search for ancestors.
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