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The Basics of Virginia Research - digital download

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If you are new to Virginia research, or simply need a refresher of the Old Dominion State, this is the webinar for you. Learn about its history, records and repositories as well as learning some valuable tips for researching there. Yes, there will be suggestions on how to work around those pesky burned counties in addition to African and Native American research.

This class was presented to a live webinar (online seminar) audience on January 20, 2016. 1 hour 44 minutes, plus 4 pages of handouts.

Viewers' comments:
  • 5 pages of notes!!! Awesome!!
  • A lot of helpful info for Virginia which is part of a brick wall for me. Very good presenter, very informative and excited sounding about the subject
  • A wealth of information! Great webinar!
  • A wonderful overview of researching in Virginia
  • A wonderful webinar including plenty of resources. She was easy to listen to and pull you into the topic.
  • Amazing presentation - tons of very useful information!!! I REALLY APPRECIATE the demos using the software in the After Party session!!!
  • An excellent presentation; well-organized; very good speaker; good slides; unbelievable amount of resources.
  • Another wonderful Webinar and After Party. This has got to the best value in genealogy. I'm a three year subscriber and love everything available to subscribers.
  • As Geoff said, he likes it when you can hear the presenter smile when he/she talks. Shannon certainly did that.
  • As well as an excellent presentation, Shannon had a very good handout!
  • Awesome webinar! The information will be so useful in helping DAR members with applications as questions about Virginia records have already been an issue. I love Legacy webinars and recommend them to all DAR members, DAR Gen workshops I host and everyone who is interested in Genealogy that I meet in my travels!!! Thank you for your outstanding Genealogical resource!!!
  • Best one that I have attended
  • Chock full of great info - so glad I have the webinar subscription and can rewatch at my leisure!
  • Definitely one to watch again and again to absorb all the information. This was more like a general reference guide to be referred to regularly . Awesome!
  • Don't have Virginia ancestors but always find something of import to add to my general research knowledge. Glad I tuned in!
  • Eager to follow up on the Germanna colony information.
  • Excellent information. Very well organized and presented.
  • Excellent presentation, lots of good information; handout is good too. As a subscriber, I look forward to watching this again and again
  • Excellent presenter! I believe that I was able to hear her enthusiasm slip past her professionalism several times. Great presentation.
  • Excellent speaker! Webinar was cram-packed with invaluable information! Will definitely be watching this again.
  • Excellent speaker. As a Virginia researcher and writer of northern Virginia references, I feel her topic and discussion of high value to any researcher. Thank you for providing this webinar.
  • Excellent! Very helpful...especially since I've just started researching in Virginia! Thanks so much.
  • Excellent. The methodology and resources were great for Virginia research, but beyond that, the methodology for searching was applicable anywhere. The presenter was very organized and easy to listen to and to learn from. Thank you!
  • Fantastic presentation from a very knowledgeable person. One of the best webinars yet.
  • Fantastic! I will be watching for any more webinars from Shannon!
  • Fantastic. Shannon is a delightful and enthusiastic speaker - very easy to understand. Lots of helpful tips - I have ancestors to research there.
  • Great - one of the very best.
  • Great presentation! Happy we'll see speaker again
  • Great webinar! Loved the information and her enthusiasm! Can't wait to get started on my Virginia research! Thanks!
  • Had no idea what FREE resources were available for Virginia research. Perhaps I can prove my Revolutionary Virginia ancestors now.
  • Have been researching 45+ years. Saw some new resources I didn't know about. Thanks!
  • I like her organization and enthusiasm as well as her encouragement!
  • I was in need of a boost and this gave me what I needed. I was in a rut and not finding much different. Thanks.
  • Incredible resources for VA research and how to navigate around brick walls.
  • Loved her enthusiasm - really carried thru! Wish I had VA ancestors!!!
  • More like this! A lot to take in, but I grabbed the chat log and will be watching again to reinforce and to make some notes on specific things I may need to look at. Shannon is a winner, glad you got her on to share her enthusiasm, her knowledge, and her ability to share knowledge in a way that makes it seem less intimidating.
  • One more highly detailed, organized, and well-presented webinar!
  • One of the BEST presenters I've heard on Legacy YET! Yes, you CAN hear the SMILE in her voice! Knows her material well, and she made it so INTERESTING and entertaining! Look forward to hearing Shannon again!
  • One of the most informative yet! Love presenter's enthusiasm, too.
  • Shannon gets a 10, actually! Really great resources and info. She has got me fired up about conquering one of my VA brick walls that has been very frustrating for many many years! Mucho thanks to Shannon, Geoff, and Legacy!
  • Shannon is a Virginia Resource!
  • Shannon made the Virginia research soind very exciting and well worth it. Can't wait to do mine. Always enjoy the after the webinar, too.
  • Shannon not only is extremely knowledgeable about Virginia research, she makes her presentation interesting by the excitement in her voice. I enjoyed the after party information.
  • She was great!! Learned a lot and her enthusiasm was infectious.
  • I am looking forward to pursuing leads provided today.
  • The MOST notes I've ever taken. Wow... thanks.
  • The speaker was EXCELLENT! (Lovely voice, tempo, laugh...)
  • The speaker was talented and very knowledgeable, However what made the webinar successful was the chat box and the details provided by Geoff as I was getting lost trying to take good notes. Loved the after party and that detailed information made the decision to purchase Legacy final. Thank you.
  • This was an incredible webinar - so organized and full of resources and exactly where to find them.
  • The best so far!
  • This was my first experience. Great speaker with lots of info. Time flies when you are having fun. Loved that I was able to get so much info in the ease of my home. Lots to process so I will now go do that.
  • This webinar has given me new hope to identify the birth place, residences of my Virginia ancestors!
  • Very comprehensive!! Beautifully done.
  • Very engaging speaker,her enthusiasm shows through the whole lecture ! And she presented an enormous amount of information ! New to Virginia research so this was very helpful.Thank you !
  • Very good overview of Virginia resources. Loved Geoff's After Webinar Party!
  • VERY, VERY good webinar with so many links/suggestions for further Virginia research. Thanks a bunch!
  • Well presented with a lot of information, direction, and links for further research. Extremely well done. I know I'll continue to reference back to this webinar time and again. Thanks!
  • Wonderful! Wonderful! She was easy to understand and follow. I am just going to start Virginia research. Glad I watched it!!
  • Wow! What a wealth of information. We have lived in VA almost 30 years and this is best, rapid history of the state I have heard.
  • Wow! Who knew there could be so much information? It is wonderful to be exposed to all of this and be able to go back and watch it again. Thank you.

About the author: Shannon Combs-Bennett, owner of T2 Family History, is a speaker and author based out of Virginia. She enjoys teaching about a wide range of topics from DNA to methodology. Currently Shannon is the Creative Director for The In-Depth Genealogist. You can learn more about her at

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