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Ticked Off! Those Pesky Pre-1850 Census Tic Marks by Peggy Clemens Lauritzen - Digital Download

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Itís exciting when we are able to find our ancestors on every census they appeared on, until we reach 1840 and before. Those pesky tic marks seem to get in our way as we work to extend our pedigrees. Just what do they mean, and how can they help me? Are they throwing us into a dead end, or can they tell us more?

This was presented to a live webinar audience on June 15, 2016. 1 hour 42 minutes, plus 5 pages of handouts.

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Viewers' comments:
  • Awesome! Well organized / interesting / valuable information.
  • A very engaging speaker.
  • A wonderful, informative, and entertaining seminar. I learned a lot.
  • Always entertaining and informative to hear from Peggy. She really is a delight.
  • Another great "continuing education" session with Legacy Family Tree Webinars and Peggy Lauritzen. I've learned today that one definitely needs maps to correlate census places on maps in our ancestors' times AND the 1786 Septennial Census --that's the first I've heard of this in almost 15 years "doing" family history. Thanks so much!
  • Crazy fun! Loved this webinar and, as always, the after webinar party. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!
  • Delightful! If that's a Kentucky accent, it's charming.
  • Down to earth - concise - very helpful and will watch again for sure. Thanks
  • Entertaining, and excellent presentation. Love her family stories.
  • Excellent analysis of the census components and overview of the importance for reviewing all.
  • excellent as always with Ms. Lauritzen. Appreciate her KY wisdom and humor!!
  • Excellent information & so very entertaining at the same time!
  • Excellent presentation, lots of good information, and enjoyable anecdotes as well! Would definitely recommend this webinar to anyone wanting to learn more about pre-1850 census data.
  • Excellent speaker! Fun! More from her please! Very knowledgeable.
  • Excellent! I love the case study format.
  • Excellent!!! I appreciate Peggy's style and it appears I may have ancestors from some of her areas. This information will be very handy in my research. I have dreaded those older census records and their tick marks. This webinar should motivate me to dig in... THANKS!!!
  • Excellent. Gave me new resources for my 'Brick Wall' research.
  • excellent. Peggy is a very entertaining AND knowledgeable speaker
  • Extraordinary information! Really useful!!!
  • Fun stories and good pointers on why we need to do the work on the earlier, more difficult census records. Thanks!
  • Good info! Now feel like tackling the Pre-1850 censuses.
  • Great for beginners. Great advice to do every census in which your family may have appeared.
  • Great informatiion and greater stories
  • Great information, a wonderful presenter. She is so informative and has interesting stories. Glad I can view the webinar again, being a member is great! :)
  • Great presenter....very good information. Love Wednesday Webinars!!
  • Great topic. Great execution. Case studies are very enlightening. Plus, **whatever** Peggy wants to talk about, sign me up for it.
  • Great Webinar - Lots of information on working with the various censuses from 1850 on back. I compiled a great deal of new information sources. She is an excellent speakers and I loved her stories - we should all be so lucky!
  • Great webinar and great after-party!
  • Great webinar! Love any of Peggy's webinars! Very helpful content & her stories are a hoot!
  • Great webinar! Really enjoy Peggy--what a warehouse of info!!!
  • Have heard Peggy before & once again she made for a really enjoyable afternoon of learning! Picked up a couple of new tips this time around. Also learned some great new tips in the After-party~! Thanks again
  • Her stories are enjoyable and her presentation of following ancestors through the census years was a new idea for me!
  • I could listen to Peggy all day. She is a wonderful speaker.
  • I love the stories and methodology presented to asking questions and how to find the answers to those questions! GREAT presenter
  • I loved the case study format of the presentation. It is very helpful to see the theory "in action".
  • I was thoroughly impressed with the whole presentation of Peggy Lauritzen. I loved it...
  • I wish I could give Peggy a 10+...she is my all time favorite speaker! She not only educates us, but certainly entertains us as well! I was also so impressed with how quickly someone with her busy schedule replied to an email that I sent her from one of her previous webinars! You can bring her back any time you want...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her!
  • Incidental learning listening closely to her comments and ideas during her presentation!
  • Learning with Peggy is so much fun, and she makes the topic manageable! Pesky tic marks indeed! I'm inspired to go back and re-analyze those pre-1850 censuses once more. Thanks so much.
  • Love her stories. Won't likely soon forget "inmates."
  • Love the speaker. Her comments brought the census to "life".
  • OMG! this presenter was not just knowledgeable BUT as importantly she was enjoyable to listen it. Thanks for the great information as always.
  • One of the best webinrs I've attended. Really enjoyed Peggy.
  • Peggy has mastered the art of storytelling.
  • Peggy is a great presenter. Definitely lots of info I have to go back to review. The after-party gave LOTS of helpful info as well. Thanks to everyone involved for bringing this to us. :)
  • Peggy is funny, and boy does she know how to tell a story so you learn from it! Knew two minutes in that I was going to learn a lot, even though I've been using pre-1850 censuses for a while. And I did- I learned how to get leads out of those things I didn't realize were there! And best, I learned some additional resources for family data. Good now that I am doing a lot of work in local records instead of online. Online is the tool that can narrow my search for local records and know who to look for.
  • Peggy is so entertaining while giving us facts and resources. Thanks Legacy for these webinars.
  • Peggy is so interesting to listen to - a person doesn't even realize how much they are learning!!
  • Peggy Lauritzen was wonderful! "Ticked Off!" very well presented - love her personality and story telling abilities. Always learn something. Comparison Census charts are available on to help track your ancestors on census with tic marks.
  • Peggy's hour webinars always seem to be so much shorter than everyone else' hour webinars! She is fantastic, gives so much information, adds wonderful stories, adds humor and is extremely fun to watch and listen. Thank you!!
  • Presenter was very serious with a wonderful sense of humor. She said things about following the census back that I never thought about. She makes you think and then rethink.
  • Really enjoyed the presentation on the early census ticks! I've been away a couple of weeks, and this reminded me how much I miss getting to listen and learn each Wednesday. Thank you!
  • Such a fun webinar. Peggy is a hoot! Thanks Geoff for another informative Legacy demo. :)
  • Thank you for the great information. Very helpful in understanding terms used in some records.....such as "inmate" for married renter. Interesting!!
  • That was a very comprehensive webinar by Peggy that really changed my way of looking at the Pre-1850 censuses. Always enjoy her presentations. Also the After-Webinar demonstration of Legacy was helpful; for a Legacy newbie like me.
  • This has always been a weak spot for me....many thanks for unscrambling
  • This is information I needed. Loved the extra "stories". Great speaker.
  • Very interesting and so much fun. I hated those tic marks before today but now I see they are important..........thanks
  • Very well presented especially for the most difficult census analysis in my genealogy research.
  • Wonderful webinar! Peggy is always educational and entertaining!

About the author:

Peggy Clemens Lauritzen, AG, was involved in genealogy before she was even born. The daughter of avid genealogists, she was spending time in courthouses and cemeteries while other children were playing on swings and going to the beach. The love of her familyís history has never left her. With her experience as a former Family History Director, she is a frequent speaker at genealogical societies, workshops, seminars, and webinars where she loves bringing genealogy to life. Some of those would include The Ohio Genealogical Society, The Ohio State University, Brigham Young University, and many other state and local genealogy societies. She has recently completed several Legacy QuickGuides on Appalachia, which are also available on and

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