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Pointing Fingers at Ancestors' Siblings - Breaking Down Brick Walls with Collateral Research - Digital Download

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Your brick wall is giving you countless headaches and troubles. Perhaps it's time to take a fresh look at different people in your family tree. In this webinar we will talk about doing in-depth research on cousins and siblings in order to remove genealogy obstacles.

This class was presented to a live webinar audience on December 16, 2015. 1 hour 57 minutes.

Viewers' comments:
  • 1st time. Very interesting, especially as I have a lot of ancestors on both sides that I have traced back to 17th and 18th century New England where it gets very very unclear. Thanks.
  • A good example of how to research a brick wall person using collateral research. I was encouraged to do more of this for my family questions and brick walls.
  • Absolutely Wonderful. I enjoy Geoff as he gets so excited when he presents something to us. Thank you so much.
  • Always ... a skilled and articulate genealogist indeed!
  • Always fun to see the steps followed by someone else. Had a similar "brick wall",not as far back,solved by sibling research. Fascinating stuff
  • Always interesting! Among one of my great grandfather's ancestors, there are four families that intermarried several times over four generations. And among those four families are two brick wall females. I'll focus now on siblings & extended family, and their locations -- All northeasterm New York & a few miles into Canada between 1778 & 1854.
  • Always love Marian's webinars. She is so thorough; and it is good to hear her research process.
  • Another great webinar I hope someday I can break my 2 brick walls. Finding my 4th great-grandparents and my husband 2nd great-grandparents. Thanks again for everything you do for family research.
  • Awesome webinar... Opened some doors for me when doing research..Thanks Geoff
  • Awesome! Love the adventure of solving the mystery. You never know what you will uncover, or what direction your research will take. Thank you for another great webinar presentation!
  • Case studies with research plans, questions to answer, thorough "dogged" searching = my best way to learn more about doing professional genealogy! Merci!!
  • Definitely to be rewatched! Exciting
  • Due to life happening, it has been a couple of years since I have attended a Legacy Webinar. I enjoyed it very much and it has rekindled my love of genealogy research. Thanks, Legacy!
  • Excellent case study and very interesting and pertinent suggestions for research! Thank you!
  • Excellent examples and very clear steps explained her methodology.
  • Excellent presentation. Enjoyed it immensely. Looking forward to tracking down my elusive long lost relatives and dead ends.
  • Excellent. You have given me several ideas to attack my brick wall. And thanks, Geoff, for all your help getting Family Tree Maker folks over to Legacy. You rock!
  • Fabulous!
  • Fantastic !!!!!!!
  • Fantastic presentation. This webinar has confirmed my approach to research. It has also shown that I am not alone in spending hours on researching what appears to be irrelevant details. Often these types of searches have lead to eureka moments for me. Many thanks to all who work so hard to arrange and produce these webinars.
  • Gave me good ideas about how to find an ancestor's parents.
  • Good information. It verifies what I've been trying to do with my research. I find that many of the people that I work with are very impatient and want answers immediately, so this kind of research often hits a closed mind. Thanks for the lessons.
  • Great guidelines to breaking down those brick walls. Well done with indirect evidence.
  • Great inspiration to leave no stone unturned
  • Great job Marian! Its great to see that all that work finally paid off in useful info. Its also great to see her methods for researching in the North East. Time to tackle some of my brick walls there.
  • Great methodology and reasoning by an excellent presenter.
  • Great showing all the many steps for breaking down a brickwall. I have ideas I didn't have before, thanks.
  • I always love watching Marian work. I learn something every time.
  • I am intrigued, inspired and eager to get back to my own family files!
  • I enjoyed the topic and appreciate Marian's pace and her detailed slides.
  • I have very little New England ancestry, but the techniques are applicable in most regions - at least where records existed, and courthouses weren't destroyed.
  • I love case studies!
  • I see my future! Thanks, Marian, for such a detailed and precise explanation of your research process. it will really help as I plan my research trips to various locations in New England, especially. I know I've got a slog ahead of me, but, like you, I find it exciting- especially when things start falling together. Here I come, courthouses, town halls, libraries, and museums!
  • I think it's really important to have webinars like this, to show the importance of digging deeper...and working all the records, etc. It makes it even more fun for the audience to see her develop more about your family. Good stuff!! Thanks so much.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the program and will look forward to registering for more soon! Having dealt with a number of genealogy brick walls in both my own family and my husband's family, I appreciated the strategies shown and techniques Marian used in her research to arrive at the conclusions she did. Job well done! Thank you for allowing me to share with everyone today.
  • I'd love to see more of this caliber program offered. Marian is awesome.
  • interesting information. Sibling research is good. I need to do that for parents as well. Thanks Marian and to Geoff as well. I enjoy the after webinar parties a lot. they are so informative. Thanks!
  • Lots of good info....sometimes a little hard to follow with all the Rebeckah's and Jeremiah's...but that's the nature of the game. But fun and informational. :)
  • Love Marian's enthusiasm. Good story.
  • Loved it . So much great stuff from Marian ~~ and great after-party Legacy instructions too on setting family relationships
  • Loved that she emphasized her methodology! I have family from RI, CT and MA so that was great that she was in that area too!
  • Marian did wonderful presenter today!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Kudos!!! I learned something new from her. Awesome!!! :) I really like it!!!
  • Marian is great, as always. Also helps to know that I'm not crazy spending hours researching siblings for possible clues over the past years. :)
  • Marian is just great.....the information is always so very useful....and thought provoking!
  • Marian Pierre-Louis is a great presenter. Her webinars are organized, energized, and highly informative. I have experienced many webinars and live presentations as well. Marian always delivers.
  • Marian's always good. It's fun and interesting to see how different problems are solved, and a great reminder of things we need to do for proving beyond a reasonable doubt . . .
  • Marian's research was awe-inspiring. I have researched siblings, but never to the extent she did. Thanks for bringing this webinar to us. Fantastic!
  • Marian's webinar will help me in my New England search. I enjoyed learning about her approach, and the how's and why's she went in a certain direction. Even though the webinar wasn't about my ancestors, I experienced Marian's excitement about her finds. One of the best learning tools for me.
  • Persistance, openness, and flexibility equals success with fun seeking demonstrated in presentation. Joy to attend. Thanks.
  • She is an excellent example of what kind of researchers we would like to be.
  • She's ways one of the most knowledgeable and fun to listen to speakers you ever have.
  • So helpful to see how someone of Marian's experience and caliber works through this.
  • Thank you!!! Love watching the research process in action.
  • These webinars, especially today's, give such great information on researching our ancestors. Just Love Them.
  • This is my first webinar so I have nothing to compare it to. However, I found Marian Pierre-Louis and Geoff Rasmussen very easy to follow. I am certainly interested in signing on for more webinars and to download the Legacy Family Tree program and start using it since Family Tree is out of the picture.
  • Today's webinar was my first Legacy Family Tree webinar and I found it both interesting and helpful. Well presented, well done! Thanks!
  • VERY, VERY good webinar! Thanks, Marian!
  • Webinar didnt disappoint , Goose bumps started at beginning and still there at end. Thanks Geoff and Marian. What a great webinar Wednesday.
  • Well organized and presented at a good, steady pace. Good explanation of each research step taken.
  • Wonderful job, Marian! Case studies are the most valuable teaching tools.
  • Wow!!! Marian has brought genealogy to the next level!

About the author:
Marian Pierre-Louis is a genealogical writer and speaker who specializes in southern New England research (Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts). Born and raised in Connecticut, she has lived in Massachusetts for almost 20 years. Marian has three generations of recent family ties to Rhode Island and also links to some very old Rhode Island lines. As a result, these three states have become the focus of her research activity. Unlike most genealogists, Marian is spoiled to spend most of her time working with original records. You will most often find her researching at a town hall, registry of deeds, probate court or the local cemetery. Itís a rare day that Marian has to sit in front of a microfilm reader.

Marian is actively engaged in social media. You can find her starting conversations on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. She frequently speaks on New England topics including house history research, social media, African American research and a broad range of genealogical topics. She is the author of several blogs including:
Her website is

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