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Microsoft Word Series - #1 Getting Started with Microsoft Word by Thomas MacEntee - Digital Download

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While Microsoft Word – part of the Microsoft Office Suite – is one of the most dynamic software programs for document creation, various features can quickly frustrate even the most patient user. Learn the basics of Microsoft Word including “why” certain functions and features operate the way they do. Topics to be covered include basic document setup, styles, formatting and more. (Microsoft Word 2010 is the version used during the webinar. Many, if not all, of the features are the same or similar on other versions of Word including 2007 and 2013.)

This was presented to a live webinar audience on February 17, 2016. 1 hour 44 minutes, plus 8 pages of supplemental syllabus materials.

The recording is also included as part of the monthly or annual membership.

Viewers' comments:
  • A consummate, professional, presentation. Love the pace and clarity. Love seeing the live demo rather than just screen shots. Way to go Thomas - am also an ex Wordperfect junkie who has used show/hide from day one - can't understand why anyone doesn't need to see under the hood they know what's going on... Thanks for the great overview, can't wait to see the rest.
  • Absolutely fantastic webinar. I've used Word for years on lengthy documents and learned so much today that will help me. His webinar was better than all the books I have on how to work with Word.
  • Absolutely loved this webinar. I too thought I knew a lot about Word...turns out I have a lot to learn.
  • Absolutely one of the very best!!! Thomas is such an easy one to listen to; never boring.
  • Adding all the word series to my playlist
  • Addressed frustrations always had with Word ... can't wait to get into the extra word webinars ...
  • After webinar party was great too!
  • Always a fan of Thomas MacEntee, but I must say, I have never had so much brain overload as I did with this one. Loved every second and learned more in this hour+ than I have while taking entire college courses. So grateful for these webinars, and for my subscription to Legacy so I can watch this as many times as I need to and at my leisure until I learn it ALL!
  • Am an avid user of MS Word, use most features, but picked up a few tricks from Thomas. I love the fact that Geoff and Thomas are collaborating on these Word tutorials through Legacy. Cannot wait to preview the ones on PowerPoint - another MS project I use all the time! THANK YOU, THOMAS AND GEOFF!
  • Amazing webinar! Will have to watch it again. Can't wait to watch the others that are more specific for Word. Thanks :)
  • Any webinar presented by Thomas MacEntee is a 5. I have taken many courses in Microsoft Word at my job, but still learned a lot today. Really looking forward to watching the remaining 10 Word webinars.
  • As a member, glad I can review as often as needed!
  • Awesome! I knew some of these tips, but Thomas has added so much more. Thank you. My Word editing will go much faster and smoother. :)
  • Awesome, Awesome! Another amazing webinar. It is unbelievable that we are so privileged to have the instructional webinars that we have and the people who are so willing to share their knowledge with us!!! Worth so much more than we pay per year for the Webinars!
  • Been using Word forever and have done courses, but still learned some new things from Thomas. Great not to be treated like you are incapable of learning these advanced "secrets". Thomas has a great way of teaching and I love all his webinars!! A+++
  • BEST WEBINAR - most helpful one I have seen in my 3 years of membership :)
  • Brilliant! Thomas is such a good teacher. Have now been motivated to spend time on Microsoft Word.
  • Covered a tremendous amount of information. Certainly helped open the door to making the best use of Word. Thanks!
  • Even for a long-time Word user like me, this was wonderful!
  • Excellent presentation & tremendous information! Easy to understand and follow. Loved having some key features of Word explained, and inspires me to get at that narrative of family history and stop procrastinating! Thank you!
  • Excellent presentation! Definitely, one of the best ever! Will make life much easier! Thank you, Geoff and Thomas. Thomas is great!
  • Excellent webinar!! I've been using Word for 30 years and learned new things I didn't even know were possible (or never took the time to investigate), especially the Styles and Format Painter. I look forward to watching the rest of the Word webinars. Thank you for doing these.
  • Excellent! I've been working with Word for 15+ years, and learned so much today!
  • Excellent! Thomas is so personable. He is clear in his presentation, and has a kindness about him. I have been a Word user for many years (compiling and formatting 300-page docs for U.S. DOE) but when MS made the changes in v. 2010, I became totally lost and frustrated. Thankfully, I'm now retired I'm SO glad this webinar was available to us and also the shorter webinars on Word that Thomas has put together for us! YES! This was definitely worth the price of admission. Thank you so very much to both of you.
  • Extremely informative and presented with the same clear, concise, reassuring manor as I've come to expect from Thomas. I'll be watching this over again to help solidify the "secrets" in my mind! Thank you!
  • FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS!!! Have used Word for many years at work and know the basics from the $300 day course, but loved to be shown the extras. I will be watching this again this week to take notes. Always LOVE Thomas' manner of teaching and his radio voice :-) Lookin' good Thomas, less cheeky these days :-) Thanks Geoff, love the after party lessons for Legacy. A wonderful way to learn without being overwhelmed. Thank you gentlemen!
  • Fabulous Webinar. Have used Word for years and thought I knew a lot about it. Learned SO much today. Thanks!
  • Fabulous!!! Thomas is a genius,not just his knowledge, but his ability to convey it. Thanks so much, can't wait to put the "new" stuff into practice
  • Great demonstration of topic along with fantastic handout
  • Great webinar! Looking forward to watching the rest of the Word series. I've used Word for years and had several classes on it at work, but this webinar was a great refresher -- and I learned a few new things! Thanks to Thomas and Geoff for all your work to produce these.
  • Had no clue you could do some of those things in Word! Fantastic webinar and thrilled that as a subscriber, I can watch all the other ones on Word you've added.
  • I almost didn't sign up for this "Getting Started with Word" I have used Word for years and years. But I hoped for a few tips. OMGoodness. I got way more than I expected. Thomas made it seem so easy. He never talked down to us. He genuinely wants us to learn. He repeated the process (steps) after demonstrating. Great teacher. Great webinar. Thanks Geoff and Thomas.....Thomas is my Hero.
  • I can't believe how much I've learned from Thomas over the last couple of years!
  • I have learned great information from this webinar that I could have used during my career, even after taking the $$$ courses.
  • I have used Word for many years and knew most of what Thomas taught today, but he did teach me a few things I didn't know (the double-clicking format painter, the non-breaking space, and the insert symbol. I have always done those the hard way). I had already planned to teach a MS Word workshop for our local genealogy club before this series was announced. Now I can pass along the additional things I learned. Thomas is such a patient teacher that explains things in an easy to understand manner. Thank you!
  • I learned more today about Microsoft Word than I ever was taught at any of my teacher training sessions. What a wealth of information.
  • I learned so much. I was kind of afraid this topic would be too basic but there was so much that I have never known before. I especially liked the page break and changing the direction of page to landscape . Now I can insert an image of a census form and keep it larger.
  • I love Thomas MacEntee's webinars. I have been wishing for a webinar on Microsoft Word for a long time and this is perfect. Making a series on the subject is a dream come true! Thanks so much Geoff & Thomas!
  • I love word - but hardly knew enough after seeing this! Wrote two family history books the hard way - constantly having to re-format everything each time something changed! THANK YOU!!!
  • I LOVED IT!!! I think that this is the most informative guide for computer work that I have ever watched!
  • I thought I pretty much knew my way around Microsoft Word..... oh I was so WRONG!!! Thomas is such an EXCELLENT teacher. I cannot wait to check out the other webinars he has put together on Microsoft Word.
  • I would give this one a ten because of the extra classes added to learn more about WORD. THANK YOU SO MUCH Word has always baffled me.I was a Word Perfect user which was pretty simple. I have not had anyone close by to teach me the WORK and there fore have been so lost I have put off writing more stories. Now I will be able to continue my family stories. The best webinar yet for me!
  • I would like to give this webinar a 10; it was that good. I have taken classes in Word and this was absolutely the best. Thomas, you are the best. Thank you Geoff for working with Thomas on this series and I look forward to the ones on Powerpoint.
  • I'm sure I'm going to watch this over and over again between practice sessions. So many things to work on over the next week or two. Thanks so much for providing such a valuable webinar and follow-up sessions. This was outstanding! I not only would be clapping strenuously after Thomas' presentation, I would be the character in the San Francisco Chronicle's movie reviews where he's jumping completely out of his seat! Really...rated 10! Thanks!
  • It was fabulous! I learned so much about using Word and have already signed up for the additional Word webinars. Wonderful opportunity!!!
  • It was very informative and easy to follow. It convinced me to subscribe to the webinars.. It is a wonderful way to get more out of the Legacy program.
  • I've been using Word for years but had no idea it had these time-saving options/formatting "Secrets." Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the "hidden world" of Word! I can't wait to get started practicing what I just learned! Thank you, Thomas, it was a really good webinar!!
  • I've used WORD for many years and had no idea that it was such an awesome program! This will make writing my Newsletters a breeze and consistent.
  • I've used Word for some 30 years, but still learned something new -- especially the Paste Special, using the format painter, using section breaks verses adding spaces, and getting the photo text to work well.
  • Just ensured my continued membership!! Thank you, well done.
  • Learned more about Word today than in 10 + years of using it! Fantastic Webinar - THANKS
  • Loved this. Solved so many of my frustrations using Word. I can hardly wait to watch the other ones Thomas added for Word.
  • My first webinar but learned so very much. Thank you and look forward to future webinars with you.
  • Never expected to see a webinar on Word under Legacy webinars but was very pleasantly surprised. I learned a lot.
  • One of the most useful webinars I've had with Legacy. Thanks so much for including the video series for us members. Keep up the great work!
  • Outstanding! I'm so grateful to learn how to use Word. MacEntee is a phenomenal presenter! He is so darn good at teaching and does it so clearly. I'm blown away by this whole set of Word webinars. You have really outdone yourselves! I appreciate you so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  • Really amazing. I have been using Word since first came out and learned quite a lot today! Thomas has a great presentation style and love Jeff as the 'emcee.' After webinar party is great, as always. Thanks for all the specific webinars too!
  • So practical for every one of us! Thomas is clear and succinct, encouraging, and his handout has what we need to change how we use Word for genealogy reports, histories, books, and more. Merci beaucoup indeed!! I appreciate this series so much!
  • Super excellent!!! Thought I knew Word ... not even close. Thomas is great!
  • TERRFIC--I too took courses in Word from my employer, but they never covered what was in this one. Can't wait to watch the others. A big THANKS to Thomas, Geoff and Legacy.
  • That was one of the most awesome webinars ~ especially very hands-on learning WORD as Thomas went along. Fabulous tips, and also the " After Webinar" lesson on using the WORD with the Legacy program was great. It uncovered parts of Legacy that I did not know existed !
  • the entire webinar was so informative, but the section break feature and the paintbrush was completely over the top for me. THANKS SO MUCH.
  • This has to be the most valuable webinar so far and I will be getting a subscription just to see the rest of the series. Thank you so much.
  • This presentation convinced us to subscribe! Thank you!
  • This should be a 10! The information was so helpful and the way Thomas presents, explains and does repeated demonstrations of what he is talking about makes it so easy to follow. I consider myself a pretty savvy Word user but I learned a ton in this presentation. I am so looking forward to getting into the additional Word webinars in the library. Thanks!!!!!
  • This was a great introduction to Word. I've never wanted to use it mostly because it was confusing. This helped so much! Thanks for all the wonderful, informative webinars!
  • This was a very informative webinar. I learned more about Microsoft Word, then I learned a few years ago in an all day class. Thank you.
  • This was excellent, I've used Word forever but of course I really didn't use it like I should. Just like Thomas said I fought it insrtead of learning it. Thank you so much I am looking forward to the whole series.
  • This was terrific!!! Encouraged me to sign up for the Legacy webinar site. So informative! I have attended many webinars and this was one of the most informative with practical applications! Looking forward to the next one as a member!
  • Thomas is the best speaker/educator I have ever heard! I have learned so much from him!
  • Thomas is the best! And since the webinars will always be available, I can watch them as many times as I need to to master the techniques.
  • Thomas MacEntee is such a wonderful presenter. It always seems like he is just talking to you, and explains everything clearly. I had been using Word for 20 years, but just the basic letter writing. Now that I intend to write a book about my family this will make it easier. Thank you, Legacy Family Tree
  • Thomas never disappoints. He made using Microsoft word look so easy. The examples he provided were easy to follow. He made sure the viewer knew how to do it themselves when they left the webinar. One of the best I have watched. Thank you!
  • Thomas presented complicated info about Microsoft Word in easy-to-understand language, used a well modulated voice, and didn't rush to get through his presentation. Well done!
  • Thomas really knows his stuff. More importantly, he's a MASTER teacher, clearly teaching, explaining and demonstrating new principles. Loved this webinar and the Word series is brilliant. As usual, Legacy is an industry leader in blazing new paths to help genealogists. MANY thanks!!
  • Thomas was great, as usually. I have used MSWord for years and learned so much from this webinar. I have struggled with headers/footers, never used paste special because I didn't know what it did. You can read How To manuals but nothing beats demonstrations. Thomas simplifies the learning process. He explains things in a clear, precise way that anyone can understand. Love his webinars & his do-over.
  • Was so good that I am now going to subscribe to the Legacy program. Thanks so much. Tom is terriffic.
  • We were very impressed with the Word webinar. I am a big user of word and have done newsletters for many years. I learned so much in the 1-1/2 hour seminar that it is very mind boggling. Where was this years before when I first started. Very pleased. Now I will have to practice.
  • Wonderful! I learned so much. Thank you for taking the time to set up all these webinars and the training for us.
  • Wow! Really wish I had this before starting to work on papers for school. what a battle I had with WORD-and have continued to have ever since! Not any more! Armed with this new knowledge a new relationship (btwn me and word) starts now. thank you so much for this and the new word webinars in the library.
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to do the entire Word Training Series!!!
  • I attended a series of Microsoft Webinars on Word, Excel, etc. but they went too fast and didn't take answers and I got so much more out of this. It will make my job of Editor of the bi-annual Genealogy Magazine so much easier. Thank you.

About the author:
Thomas MacEntee is a professional genealogist specializing in the use of technology and social media to improve genealogical research and as a means of interacting with others in the family history community. Utilizing over 25 years of experience in the information technology field, Thomas writes and lectures on the many ways in which blogs, Facebook and Twitter can be leveraged to add new dimensions to the genealogy experience. As the creator of he has organized and engaged a community of over 2,000 bloggers to document their own journeys in the search for ancestors.

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