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How Do I Know That's My Ancestor? by Amy Johnson Crow - Digital Download

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People with the same name. Nicknames. Changing names. How do you know if the record you're looking at is referring to your ancestor? Learn how to examine information so you can tell if it's your ancestor and not just someone with the same name.

This was presented to a live webinar audience on March 9, 2016. 1 hour 30 minutes, plus 2 pages of supplemental syllabus materials.

The recording is also included as part of the
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Viewers' comments:
  • Amy did a fabulous job reminding everyone that no clue is insignificant! Thank you!
  • Amy did a great job. Hope she does more webinars in the future.
  • Amy gave an excellent presentation. It was well-paced and her examples were well-chosen. Lots of good points to apply to my research!
  • Amy has some good points in looking beyond the box!
  • Amy is always so understandable. She is easy to listen to and understand what she means.
  • Amy made this webinar so interesting! Great job!! Thanks so much.
  • Amy was such a good speaker. Everything was very simple and so helpful Bring her back again.....and thank you!
  • Another great learning experience! While many things Amy said are just plain common sense, when in the heat of research, sometimes that common sense gets a little misplaced. Great reminders!
  • Another home run, Geoff. Don't know how you do it, but they just keep getting better and better (or each webinar continues to maintain the high standard of excellence you've always done!). Many, many, MANY thanks!!
  • Another interesting webinar and I am using the FAN club since the webinar a couple of weeks ago.
  • Confirms what I was deciding to do, branch out to confirm some information...... didn't know t was called FANs.
  • Excellent explanation of the fundamentals of FAN and how to evaluated possible relationships. Very organized, succinct. Great presentation.
  • Excellent ideas to work around family names.
  • Excellent suggestions for not taking information found at face value. Analysis is essential.
  • Excellent webinar - it really reinforced my desire for accuracy. Thank you for the FAN club, I hadn't heard about it and will definitely be adding it to future searches.
  • Excellent webinar! Amy is so easy to listen to as she presents her webinar. Must watch/listen to this webinar again. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!
  • Excellent!!! I have several ancestors with what appears to be same name or names. This information will help with identifying each one correctly.
  • Good points to remember in identifying people. Good examples to support main points of talk. Very polished and professional talk.
  • Good reminder to scour those records. And tracking someone using associates, other relatives.
  • Good webinar, a pleasant speaker and very enthusiastic.
  • Great webinar with lots of good ideas. Thanks!
  • I enjoyed to learn what Amy Johnson Crow did lectured tonight. Wow!!! She did good job!!! :) *Thumb Up*
  • I have heard of the FAN club but Amy's illustration was great.
  • I was anxious to hear Amy speak as I have recently been getting her tips from her blog. Thank you Amy!
  • I was very encouraged to know that many of the methods I've figured out as a novice genealogist are in line with what Amy teaches... confirmation that I am headed in the right direction. Thank you for such a great webinar that provides useful tips and methods.
  • It helped me to figure out one of my brick wall. Thanks
  • Like Amy's style. good solid overview, and I picked up some things. Great idea to include "homework" on the syllibus. It was good practice, and looking at it with a critical eye, I found some things I definitely would look into if it were one of my records. Thanks.
  • Lively and engaging speaker, making MANY valid points! Thanks you.
  • Thank you. So interesting to hear an experts perspective which helps us to look at challenges in different ways to approach the pesky problems of our ancestors.
  • That was an excellent webinar. Amy has a way of explaining these complex genealogical challenges in very simple, easy-to-understand terms. Thanks!
  • very informative speaker with enthusiasm. sorry to see it end. thanks
  • very informative, good strategy ideas for narrowing down specific individuals from a large list
  • Very Informative. I need to follow up on the Sr. Jr. and the 3rd aspect of my Direct Line. That may be what's holding up my brick wall. Loved this Webinar.
  • When she talked about the fan club - it sort of hit home with me. I had an aha moment as I was entering info from the county family history book for his home town. I had printed out pages that I knew were family and as I was working back and forth between the many pages, I entered the siblings of the person who had married one of his relatives, then added their spouses. There was this aha moment as I realized that a picture I had scanned in from an aunt's photo album was that person I had just entered.
  • Wonderful information beautifully presented. This has given me a lot of ideas that I'm looking forward to pursing. Thank you so much!

About the author:
Amy Johnson Crow is a Certified Genealogist, author, editor, and lecturer. She is a regular presenter at national and state genealogy conferences. Amy was the series editor for the National Genealogical Society Guides, published by Rutledge Hill Press, and was the co-author of Online Roots. Amy was the founding editor of the Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal, published by the Ohio Genealogical Society. She has served on several national and state boards. Amy holds a Masters of Library and Information Science degree from Kent State University, with a concentration in digital libraries. Her roots run deep in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic and she has a special interest in military research.

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