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Watch Geoff Live: Adding Online Records to Legacy by Geoff Rasmussen - Digital Download

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In this webinar, Legacy’s Geoff Rasmussen will demonstrate what to do with records from three different websites as he adds the information to his real, personal Legacy family file. This class will be presented live and unscripted, giving attendees a first-hand look at how a professional genealogist analyzes and records information from online sources. You will get the insider’s perspective of using the Source Clipboard, custom events, the media gallery, and much more.

This was presented to a live webinar audience on July 13, 2016. 1 hour 42 minutes.

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Viewers' comments:
  • It great to watch someone else do data entry and source it.
  • All of Geoff's live webinars are absolutely great and this one was even better than that. Thanks for all your work.
  • Although I am a beginner, this has motivated me to look into so many more webinars and definitely adding online images. Thanks so much.
  • Although I am a long-time researcher, I learned so many helpful things. THANK YOU.
  • Although I have used Legacy Family Tree a little bit, I was unaware of some of the capabilities demonstrated. I will investigate them further.
  • Always great presentation, explanations very easy to follow.
  • Always like Geoff live webinars and learning all the time about using Legancy. Thank you.
  • As always, Geoff, you do a great 'Watch Live' webinar. Being across the river in NJ, I'm curious what you find out about the Vine Street address. Today it's a highway. Maybe it was a hospital location in 1911. I like seeing how you enter your newly-found data into the Legacy program.
  • AWESOME!!! Really, really liked the real live meaningful demonstration and working workshop!!! I need all this NOW! Just ordered the Deluxe Version of Legacy - can move forward from the standard version. REALLY EXCITED to add all these additional toys! Let's do more of these, please! THANKS!!!
  • Awesome. Affirms that I'm following all the steps! Fun day!
  • citations and sources have been my down fall........ you have made them real and meaningful and how to do them. THANK YOU.
  • Even though this information was mostly a review, I did pick up the correct way to enter the death cause. I have been entering it as an event, not getting the best result in reports.
  • Excellent material and presentation skills. I have been entering similar data for years and I learned procedures today that will improve my data entry in content and efficiency.
  • Excellent webinar from an excellent genealogist! Thank you for a great day of learning.
  • Fantastic !!! I LOVE that you went fast for those of us who have watched your more Beginner Webinars. The fast pace allowed you to pack a lot of stuff in 1 1/2 hours. Great stuff. Thanks Geoff... as always... worth every minute of my time !!!
  • Fantastic webinar, as usual! Learn so much every week.
  • First of your webinars for me. It answered questions I have had for some time, i.e., how and where Legacy accommodates digital images of sources! Thank you.
  • Fun while learning how to correctly cite some of the sources.
  • Fun! Thanks Geoff. I am weak on my clipboard skills, this was helpful.
  • Geoff always does a great webinar!!!! Don't ever retire :)
  • Geoff is a great presenter, showing so much in such a short time. Everything explained very clearly, good demonstration of source clipboard and entering information, a very helpful webinar.
  • Good to see how you moved around the documentation. Looks more comfortable as I watched you fill in the blanks.
  • good to watch how someone works their way through various websites and does the data entry.
  • Great info to watch knowledgeable person use source documentation on Legacy.
  • Great information! Just what I needed RIGHT NOW.
  • Great seminar, it was good to see how to work Legacy Family Tree. It feels good to see that sometimes you have the same type of questions like I do in filling out the information. It seems like there is no wrong way to enter info but to try to keep it consistent on how you fill it out.
  • Great!! Have to view more of Geoff's presentations.
  • Helpful to see how you enter sources, and to get permission to skip some boxes. Good review of entry essentials, even for someone who has experience on Legacy.
  • I always learn so much watching Geoff. Thanks tons!
  • I always learn something new about Legacy from these webinars!
  • I am a newbie. Some of the process was over my head. But now I want to get his book so I can take my time to read the book and watch the webinar again. This was a great introduction to show how Legacy can be used to its full potential, not just copy and paste from Family Search or Ancestry. And I learned about some websites I didn't know about before.
  • I found the Webinar to be very informative in a manner that was to my learning style.
  • Good to see how someone else uses legacy in real time.
  • I learned several new tricks today ... thanks!
  • I liked the unscripted webinar. Learned little tidbits you taught us because you were thinking on the fly. :)
  • I loved awaking around 3 am and finding that there would be a webinar and being fortunate that I was available. It was neat to have something to sign up for and look forward to as I tried to go back to sleep. I enjoy seeing how an expert does everything in the program. There were some explanations to sources that I had always wondered about and didn't know how to use. I hate sourcing, it takes the joy out of my research, but the program gave me more motivation for doing it.
  • I said to myself, that was fantastic. Thank you over and over.
  • Informative and FUN!
  • It was interesting. Some of the citation practices gave me ideas, in other cases, particularly naming conventions, I prefer my current methods, but interesting to see someone else's choices
  • It was very helpful to see the documents and watch the thought process or documenting sources; also, how and why the information was useful in aiding future research.
  • Just love these live Webinars as Geoff is thinking out loud and going through the same steps we would do. VERY instructive. Thanks so much!!!
  • Learned a lot in a fun atmosphere. Thanks!
  • Love the spontaneous ones and seeing a different way to do things
  • Loved it!!!! More! More! Great teacher!
  • loved the flash webinar - always learn so much from Geoff, and so entertaining!
  • Most informative in more areas than I could have wished for...... Geoff is fun and interesting. Thanks so much....
  • New to Legacy - it's all good info!!!
  • Not only how but why. Good overall coverage of the subject.
  • Now I know how and what to do and can start putting some items into Legacy. Especially those from Ancestry and Heritage Thank you thank you thank you. Not bored a bit! smile
  • Outstanding step by step.
  • Perfectly wonderful. Great as usual!
  • Really great to see it done. It always helps and I always learn new things. Thanks Geoff for all you do!!
  • So very many ideas and ways that I can use Legacy better. Never thought of some of the sources he mentioned. I will be returning to this webinar often, not sure I will ever remember it all. Fantastic.
  • Terrific!!!
  • Thank you, Geoff. Excellent webinar, and you solved some of the mysteries I've had about citing my sources completely on Legacy.
  • That was the most fun I've had at any webinar. You never lost my attention!
  • The best! Makes it easy and the best reason for buying Legacy!
  • These live webinars are a great learning tool Thank you for creating them.
  • This is so darn good! Seeing is believing, and being able to see first hand the actual steps for citations make it seem a much less daunting task. Thank you for your expertise and caring.
  • This was really fun. Geoff taught us all sorts of things besides how to input an online record! And he gave me some ideas of other things to try.
  • This webinar was perfect for outlining the steps to adding a record and citation and how to pick out the elements of a record that need the citation. Thanks, Geoff!!
  • This webinar was very helpful--particularly by showing how to deal with 'real' data (and where there are some personal choice options for recording it). Thank you, Geoff!
  • Thumbs up Geoff! It's always good to go over good data entry practices so we can reap the benefits of referring to and analyzing the data in our Legacy program in the future.
  • Very educational. It helps to see and not just read how someone works through finding and adding documents from various sources. It was great to hear why you add information and media to several places to make it easier later when reviewing. A good review of the task list, source template, and recording all the information from a document. I'll have to review the citing sources video again as I like to also record the specific URL for the item, perhaps use the source notes field.
  • Very informative - did not realize all the features of Legacy - I've only scratched the surface! Was also fun researching live along with Geoff.
  • What a wonderful surprised to have 2 webinars in one day. Geoff Great job. It all made since so I guess Im beyond the beginning stage of Legacy. Yeah. Surprise us with more last minute webinars. Loved every minute.
  • Wonderful - Loved it!!! excellent quality all the way through!!!

About the author:

Geoffrey D. Rasmussen is the father of four budding genealogists. He graduated with a degree in Genealogy and Family History from Brigham Young University and has served as director and vice-president of the Utah Genealogical Association. He is a dynamic genealogy speaker on all forms of genealogy technology, and as host of the Legacy Family Tree webinar series, has spoken virtually to nearly 100 different countries. He has authored books, videos, articles, and websites, and develops the Legacy Family Tree software program. On a personal note, Geoff enjoys playing the piano, organ, cello, basketball and bowling. His favorite places are cemeteries, the ocean, and hanging out with other genealogists. He met and proposed to his wife in a Family History Center. He is the author of the recently-released, Kindred Voices: Listening for our Ancestors, and the popular books Legacy Family Tree, Unlocked! and Digital Imaging Essentials.

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