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I Had My DNA Tested - Now What? - Digital Download

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Hundreds of thousands of genetic profiles for family history and ancestral purposes have been generated by private laboratories, universities, and the National Geographic’s Genographic Project during the past fifteen years. However, many individuals that had their DNA tested were somewhat disappointed, as the information provided by many laboratories is often difficult to understand. What do all these numbers and letters mean? What can they tell about my past? As Ann Tuner and Megan Smolenyak stated in their book, Trace Your Roots with DNA, “test results for just one person are like the sound of one hand clapping.” The great paradox in genetic genealogy is the fact that in order to understand your own DNA, you need to know something about the DNA of everyone else! Thankfully, a number of online databases are providing large quantities of searchable data in an effort to provide the missing hand. Knowing which resources are available and how to properly use them is key to understanding our personalize genetic genealogy and getting the most out of our own genetic profile.

This class was presented to a live webinar (online seminar) audience on May 21, 2014. 1 hour 36 minutes, plus 3 pages of handouts.

Viewers' comments:
  • Absolutely fantastic.You could put him up for a whole month's worth of his webinars because each one is so educational. Amazed that with his level of knowledge, he can still make it understandable to the man on the street. Please, please continue to have him back. If there's so much to interpret in DNA test results, there are surely another dozen webinars at least in his brain!
  • Always interesting to learn more about this advancing science into our genealogy.
  • An understandable explanation of a very complicated topic.
  • As always, another great webinar!!!!! I always learn so much. Thanks Ugo Perego, for another outstanding webinar!!!!!
  • Enjoyed the content today...good introduction to those inexperienced in DNA testing and genealogy. Extremely knowledgable he was up at 9 pm Rome time to present to us this afternoon!
  • Excellent overview. It has given me a clear path of what to do once I receive my results.
  • Excellent! I think I am starting to understand. Thanks so much for the information.
  • Excited to extend my DNA test results evaluations.
  • Fantastic. I love to hear Ugo speak and love his sense of humor. He has a way of making a very complex subject understandable. Great content and explanations.
  • Finally know what to do with my dna results!
  • Finally understand what to do and what some of this means.
  • Good content for all levels, liked how he showed results from all different providers and what you can do with them. Well worth the time.
  • Great charts. Helps to make a difficult subject more understandable. His personality makes science fun. Thanks for hosting.
  • Great webinar for going the next step in understanding what can be done with that DNA data!! Another great Ugo webinar!!
  • Having been tested by 23andm3 and FTDNA several times this was extremely valuable in helping me understand my results.
  • He is the top in this field!
  • I do DNA presentations (as a genealogist). I learned a few new things; thus the seminar was worth my time!
  • I have now learned how to use my DNA information. Thank you for the great webinars.
  • I have viewed all of Ugp's webinars and continue to learn from each one. His descriptions are straight forward and understandable.
  • I'm a newcomer to DNA & genealogy. This presentation was just what I needed to get started.
  • Oh my. Another fantastic webinar. Ugo is great at explaining complicated ideas/science, his charts and example images are superb learning, and he's so pleasant to listen to. I grew up near an Italian neighbourhood in Vancouver, and he sounds so normal to me. I bet he's very funny in Italian, because he has a great sense of humour in English. Such a great webinar today. I give hiim 10+ for today.
  • The presentation really clarified the types of DNA studies and what each can be used to achieve genealogical objectives. Some very practical advice about how to approach a DNA test and how to select a test based on your situation. It clarified for me why I need to have my sister tested.
About the author:

Ugo A. Perego, PhD, MSc, is the CEO for the Salt Lake City based Genetic Genealogy Consultant and a scientist affiliated with the DNA laboratory of Professor Antonio Torroni at the University of Pavia in Italy. He has previously worked for more than a decade as a senior researcher with the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation and both based in Utah. Ugo earned a BSc and an MSc in Health Sciences at Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah) and a PhD in Genetic and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Pavia, Italy. Ugo has contributed numerous lectures and publications on DNA and its applications to population genetics, genealogy, ancestry, forensics, and history. Some of his recent publications include “Decrypting the mitochondrial gene pool of modern Panamanians” (in PLoS One, 2012); “The Mountain Meadows Massacre and ‘poisoned springs’: Scientific testing of the more recent, anthrax theory” (in International Journal of Legal Medicine, 2012) “Mitochondrial haplogroup C4c: a rare lineage entering America through the ice-free corridor?” American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 2011); “Expanding the concept of family history through DNA” (in Family Chronicle, 2010); “Mitochondrial DNA: a female perspective in recent human origin and evolution” (in Origins as a Paradigm in the Sciences and in the Humanities, 2010); and “The initial peopling of the Americas: a growing number of founding mitochondrial genomes from Beringia” (in Genome Research, 2010).

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