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Strategies to Find the Most Challenging Ancestors with Autosomal DNA Data by James M. Baker, PhD, CG - Digital Download

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Case studies are used to illustrate the best strategies to use to find the ancestors you need to fill in gaps in your family tree in the 6th and 7th generation. Class members learn how to mix and match the use of Ancestry DNA, FTDNA, and GEDmatch to accumulate DNA evidence while efficiently sorting through the many possible matches.

This was presented to a live webinar audience on January 4, 2017. 1 hour 43 minutes, plus 4 pages of handouts.

The recording is also included as part of the monthly or annual membership.

Viewers' comments:
  • A "best ever" presentation. Thank you.
  • Actionable stuff. This was great.
  • Another great webinar. I especially appreciate James Baker's extensive syllabus and I plan to listen again, perhaps after listening to the 5 segment DNA series you mentioned.
  • Answered some questions I had. New ideas.
  • As a newbie, will have to go and listen to the recording several times I think. A lot to grab 1st time around however loved the examples. Thanks
  • clear and logical to understand a complicated topic!
  • Clear, concise, wonderful!
  • Clear, measured pace and explanations for a complicated subject = Excellent!
  • Do you think you could get Dr. Baker to read a book to us? Or tell family stories? I could listen to his wonderful voice all day.
  • Enjoyed this DNA applied to genealogy webinar. Thanks for having more DNA webinars this year.
  • Especially liked the analysis and charts James used to determine a family connection, sub groups were great too. Enjoyed the hour, very good presentation.
  • excellent - added to my DNA education.
  • Excellent advice for working matches!
  • Excellent information on a topic still quite new to me--and very well organized and delivered, also.
  • Excellent presentation - a better explanation of how to use Ancestry's matches. Thank you.
  • EXCELLENT Webinar! I have a LOT to do with my DNA matches!! 'Afterparty' was fun, too!!
  • Excellent webinar! So much to absorb! Need to have hands-on experiences myself now. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!
  • Excellent webinar, on point, easy to understand and hopefully to implement.
  • Excellent webinar. James Baker did a fabulous job presenting some complex information in a very useful & understandable way. Also a very relevant & interesting topic for me. Thank you.
  • Excellent!! Very useful information to help INTERPRET my Ancestry DNA results!
  • Excellent, it told me that i was on the right track in grouping my matches, but I learnt so much more, thank you so much
  • Excellent. Learned new things about DNA today. Will check out Gedmatch video.
  • Fantastic presentation--the most helpful Webinar on the use of DNA than I have ever seen.
  • Fantastic webinar! Can't wait to listen to it again! Thank you both!
  • Fantastic webinar! Very well presented with great slides, just the right amount of information for the time period, and wonderful case studies! Very motivating as well!
  • Great practical webinar. Can't wait to try it out.
  • Great presentation and will watch again and again. As a beginner, many issues of Ancestry DNA were clarified for me. Thanks.
  • Great webinar with lots of thought-provoking analytical methods. Can't wait to get started looking at my own!
  • I didn't know I would learn so much from the webinar. Thanks again
  • I have watched Diahan Southard's webinar on the DNA Circles a couple of times and this seemed to be a natural fit with it. Finding DNA connections seems best addressed though case studies, seeing directly how others do it.
  • I need to have my DNA tested. Sounds really interesting
  • I'm glad I knew beforehand a little about DNA and the different tests/companies. The webinar was most useful!
  • I'm new to DNA so this webinar went over my head quickly but I did get some good pointers from it. Will watch it again, I'm sure.
  • Important to show that DNA and traditional archival research need to go hand in hand. Interesting case studies.
  • It was much more interesting and relevant than expected since I have never had any DNA testing. I now understand the advantages of DNA testing better. I also garnered tips on thorough and accurate research, regardless of the leads' origins.
  • Learned how to actually use Ancestry DNA Circle data/relationships. Have been dabbling with it, but now have a better understanding of what they really mean & how to use the information. Thanks.
  • Love the "Sub-Group Placement" approach. What a great idea.
  • Loved the case history approach--very helpful for sequencing research strategies for both genetic and paper genealogy.
  • Loved the surname and place search, and the idea of how to deal with "unknown" groups of matches. I have a couple of groups like that, I plan on using Jim's ideas to see if I can make a breakthrough on those.
  • Man am I glad I watched that - will definitely double back tonight to fill in my notes. That was perfect for what I needed to move forward, I'd already put most of the pieces in place and now I have the road map!
  • Mr. Baker showed me a whole new way of analyzing who's who in my matches. Maybe now I'll figure out which side of the family my DNA cousins belong.
  • Mr. Baker was GREAT!!! Hope he comes back again!!
  • Now to practice what I learned today...
  • One of my top favorites!
  • One of the best presenters His voice came through so clear and distinct Also he spoke slow enough that I could follow him . Can't wait to hear him again.
  • Opened my eyes to areas I have UNDER explored. Complicated but, very good.
  • OUTSTANDING. Well paced and very clear. Appreciate seeing methodology.
  • Right on target. Everything he said held together. Worth viewing again and again. Excellent presenter!
  • So good!! Jim Baker was so clear, going step by step by step, with excellent examples and slides to teach us. I feel definitely more confident in heading back into my DNA matches - not so overwhelmed and deer-in-headlights!! A top webinar!
  • Some awesome, down-in-the-dna-trenches information. Thank you!
  • Thank you for this and other DNA webinars. I have sent in my DNA test for processing in December and I need to know what to do with the results. Thank you for all the help these webinars have given me. Happy New Year to you all.
  • That was one dynamite webinar about DNA work !
  • The best webinar yet!
  • This was a great webinar. Appreciated the two case studies that was most helpful in following his step by step thought process. The categorizing DNA matches was very insightful also. So appreciate these classes for further educating myself from the comfort of my home.
  • This was a timely webinar. Received notifications of family trees that other people have done. I was at a loss on how to decipher if these [people belong in my family tree. I got my answer today on how to figure this out. Thanks for very good session.
  • This was an excellent webinar! I am going to be watching it a number of times for sure. So much to learn about manipulating the results. It also is prompting me to get my GedComs uploaded for each family. I am so very grateful for the learning opportunities provided by Legacy Webinars. Thank You! There is also great value in the after webinar parties and would love to see a list of content of the party and which webinar it followed. Thanks again and Happy New Year to everyone who makes Legacy Webinars possible.
  • Very clear presentation with concrete examples of how he "sifted" and "grouped" his matches to reach conclusions.
  • Very clear, even for a beginner, well organized and presented. Thanks!
  • Very informative.....just wish I had the time to really do the analysis! Come on 'retirement'!
About the author:
Mr. Baker, an active genealogist for the past fifteen years, completed the requirements to become a BCG associate in 2011. He specializes in German, Midwest U.S., and early American research. He was an officer of the Sacramento German Genealogy Society (SGGS) and has contributed numerous articles to its quarterly, Der Blumenbaum. He also has written articles for the National Genealogical Society (NGS) Magazine and the NGS Quarterly. He is a member of NGS and SGGS. For the past ten years, he has volunteered at the Sacramento FamilySearch Library. He has given more than 100 genealogy presentations during the past three years at local, regional, and national events.

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