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Technology and Techniques for Differentiating Two People with the Same Name - Digital Download

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Learn techniques for recording and organizing your research when you're not sure if you've got the right ancestor, or when you find several people with the same name. Get ideas for easily picking up old research and sharing your findings.

This class was presented to a live webinar (online seminar) audience on January 13, 2016. 1 hour 54 minutes, plus 3 pages of handouts.

Comments from Geoff's last webinar:
  • A great adventure!!
  • The webinar was excellent and informative. Geoff does an outstanding job and is a good teacher.
  • Absolutely amazing! So many great ideas.
  • Absolutely the best so far. Love your excitement and easy to follow directions. A+++++++ for today.
  • Always fun, always informative, always worth the membership.
  • Always good to hear such enthusiasm!
  • Always love the Geoff live sessions. I learn best by SEEING. Thanks.
  • Always outstanding to hear Geoff talk.
  • Another awesome webinar! It was exciting to be part of Geoff's presentation when he finds out new information about his family!!! Such a fun day!
  • Another great webinar! Great presentation, interesting and informative!
  • Great to know about Family Search export search results to spreadsheet!
  • Best one in a long time!
  • Especially liked the afterparty. I will watch older webinars by Geoff. I did what many people do... get excited and add names w/o sourcing properly... so I can see my family tree. Now I am starting over - correctly.
  • Every bit of it was so valuable and told a great story from start to finish!
  • Excellent presentation of the thought processes involved!
  • Excellent presentation. You didn't talk down to us or over our heads. I loved you telling your mental step by step process in deciding what to do next. Good job.
  • Excellent, Geoff. I am more encouraged to solve my problem of duplicate named persons. As you indicated, think outside the box and approach the problem from different angles and different sources.
  • Excellent. Geoff is an outstanding spokesperson for Legacy Family Tree. Thanks so much for these wonderful webinars!
  • excellent. So much fun to be with you as you found live, personal pieces of information!
  • Fabulous as always. I learned a many new strategies and tips. I appreciate Geoff's clear, concise, and pleasant manner of teaching. And congrats on finding a breakthrough!
  • Fantastic! I love seeing the actual step by step method with his LIVE steps!!! (I really give this a 10)! Thanks, Geoff!
  • Fantastic!! This really helps with my Johnson ancestors!!!
  • Fast moving but excellent chronology of lessons and clear precise instructions and details.
  • Fingers crossed you find your John Williams!! Was great to be part of this latest discovery and as always webinar was very helpful.
  • Gave me some thoughts about problems I have with a brick wall.
  • Geoff always gives me the push I need to keep looking for the hard to find ancestors.
  • Geoff did a fabulous Webinar and After Party today. Thanks so much from a three year subscriber. Outstanding!
  • Geoff did good job today. I learned something new and I never knew about it. Thanks to him!!! Kudos!!! :) Keep up the good work!!!
  • Geoff is the BEST of the Best (of course)...
  • Geoff ROCKS??. What an awesome presentation!
  • Good tips, especially the comparison table.
  • Great job by Geoff, as always. Some great tips here for perhaps breaking through some brick walls of my own.
  • Great presentation and after webinar parties! Helps me so much with my research and learning Legacy.
  • Great presentation, walking us through the steps at the end was so helpful to someone new to sourcing.
  • Great, Geoff. The Comparison Chart is a real winner: that should help me solve some problems.
  • I am working on a couple of similar problems. I knew most of the search techniques, but learned some good ways to organize information to make analysis much easier and straightforward. Very glad I watched this live, because Geoff's excitement on finding what looks like a good possibility after going through the disproven one was delightful. Also appeciated the after-party. I dislike data entry, so anything that makes it easier for me is gold. Thanks.
  • I c;ant believe how much I learned today! The after webinar party was fantastically helpful. And I loved the step by step location and analysis of information. The use of the comparison table was an excellent tool. I've used something similar but all in one table and this split-table is so much quicker for analysis. Geoff is so skilled and it was so useful to watch him move step by step through all the parts of this research, recording and analysis.
  • I came in late but got to watch your "goosebumps" episode! Fun. I did learn a lot even being late!
  • I learned so much that I could put into practice immediately . Thank you !
  • I learned some great strategies for ancestor searching. I loved the comparison charts and that it takes time to search for those correct details.
  • I loved learning the process Geoff used, and watched how he compared each result to what he already knew!
  • Geoff, this was just a wonderful, enlightening Webinar. More information than one could ever believe. If you still had a voice and the time, I could watch for the next few hours. Thank you for sharing your expertise.
  • I'd give it a 10 if I could! Geoff is ALWAYS interesting, informative and entertaining!! So many great tips and instructions!
  • If there was a 10, I'd give it to your smashingly amazing presentation. Love, Love, LOVE these live webinars. It's great watching (seeing) someone do research, rather than hearing (verbally) how they do research. Much more engaging, and much more educational, at least for my learning system. Thank you!
  • It was spectacular and I know just how I will use it!
  • So helpful to use case studies for teaching great research process. And the after-party was, as usual, superb!! I can't wait to get back into my software and start working on these tips! Merci once more.
  • like the "real time" find!!! Also liked how the word table and excel table was explained.
  • Lots of great tips here, but I really appreciate watching Geoff actually "do it" - answers even more questions when I see things happen. Love the resource option that suggests other places to look, too. Great idea from Legacy! Thanks for including that helpful button . . .
  • Love Geoff's webinars the best!
  • Love this type of case study!! Theories are fine, but seeing step by step case studies helps me the most. Thank you for all you do for the genealogy community!
  • Loved it. This will help me get through the similar names I've encountered while finding my ancestors. Geoff, you are the greatest!
  • Loved seeing Geoff make lemonade out of his "lemon". Most interesting and educational case study. Thank you!
  • Loved seeing this process done, especially with a negative result (since so many results are negative)
  • Loved the real time analysis, the logging in Legacy as unattached, and every bit of the After Party. I've been wanting the Unlocked book, now I know to budget for the second edition too. The image filing structure and tips for the disproved including moving and re-link were fabulous. Thanks again.
  • Nice to be reminded of how to do research!
  • Outstanding methodological webinar for all of us who have ancestors with common names! I will be applying these techniques as I research all three of my great-aunt's three husbands. Thank you so much.
  • Really appreciate seeing real research as was done in order as opposed to seeing a conclusion with all the documents. Would love to see more of these type of webinars.
  • Really needed this one! The two chart is a great idea. Maybe I can break my brick wall. Thank you!
  • Really showed me that I need to slow down. I enter into Legacy, do great citations, but my research reports are lacking, To-Do lists are lacking, etc.
  • Really, really helpful in analyzing conflicting information.
  • So exciting to hear Geoff discover!
  • so exciting watching 'breaking news' with Geoff. the After Party's so helpful, for those of us who snatch a moment here & there to research, but don't always have time to get our Legacy Unlocked out first. A visual with Geoff doing the task, sticks in my mind more easily.
  • So interesting to watch Geoff put on his detective outfit and search for his elusive ancestors! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
  • thanks Geoff! It's always great to watch you in action, unscripted and scripted. Happy Searching today!
  • Thanks Geoff, I loved it and that is saying a lot since I am sick today!
  • Thanks so much for the info! I can't wait to use what I learned today! And it would be awesome if you did a webinar on how to use Excel like you did!! :D
  • Thanx, Geoff! Your enthusiasm is to my research!!
  • This webinar was FANTASTIC! Learned so much as I'm better at visual learning. Excellent webinar, throughly enjoyed. Thank you so much!
  • Very good examples of analyzing data as evidence. Bravo, Geoff! Loved the After Webinar Party also (they are always informative!).
  • Very much appreciated your thoroughness and the walk through every step of your process. It is very helpful to see how you have done it, and how you then add your material to Legacy, also step by step. Thank you!
  • Very well done. . .Geoff is always right on the money. Thanks!
  • Well thought out webinar, full of useful ideas like the "timeline comparison table". Excellent real-life examples.
  • Will be very helpful, especially with very common surnames like Smith. I wish I had known more of this info years ago! Thanks :)
  • Wonderful webinar, Exciting for Geoff to find new info. Love it when that happens. Happy dance!
  • Wow! This was very thought provoking and inspirational. Even tho a lot of the ideas should be common sense, seeing them put into action step by step was extremely enlightening. Enjoyed the "after party", too
About the author:
Geoffrey D. Rasmussen is the father of four budding genealogists. He graduated with a degree in Genealogy and Family History from Brigham Young University and has served as director and vice-president of the Utah Genealogical Association. He is a dynamic genealogy speaker on all forms of genealogy technology, and as host of the Legacy Family Tree webinar series, has spoken virtually to nearly 100 different countries. He recently received the Distinguished Presenter Award at the prestigious RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City (2011). He has authored books, videos, articles, and websites, and develops the Legacy Family Tree software program. On a personal note, Geoff enjoys playing the piano, organ, cello and basketball. His favorite places are cemeteries, the ocean, and hanging out with other genealogists. He met and proposed to his wife in a Family History Center.

Geoff is the author of:

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